Better Roads & Bridges

This graph shows total transportation budget availability for both the Highway Trust Fund and Highway Fund over the next 10 years. The 2014 forecast shown in blue, which includes the Highway Trust Fund and Highway Fund, was used by DOT to build the 10 year STIP. Because of the investments made in transportation by this General Assembly, made possible in part by ending a $216 million transfer from the Highway Fund to the General Fund – ensuring 99.5% of transportation revenue is spent on transportation functions, the September 2015 forecast (in red) shows an additional $4 billion in revenue available for building and maintaining safe roads and bridges over the next 10 years.
$1.6 billion in the Highway Trust Fund
$2.3 billion in the Highway Fund
That means DOT can build 92 new highway projects and accelerate 90 others.
It also means hundreds of structurally deficient bridges will be replaced and hundreds more miles of secondary roads will be made safer each year.
And for the first time in state history, all pavement maintained by the state will be resurfaced or treated within its lifecycle, which is about 12 years.